Sir Ratan Tata Institute


Crafted with Love

The Home of Quality Foods, Fashion & Teaching

The Sir Ratan Tata Institute, a legacy of over 90 years, providing training and employment to woman in the food, tailoring, embroidery and Montessori divisions


Sweet & Savoury

Where Heritage Meets Flavor – Authentic Parsi Cuisine, Wholesome Snacks & Delectable Gourmet Creations!


Chic, Bespoke and Fashionable

A Symphony of Style for Kids, Ladies, & Home – Elevate Your Everyday with Timeless Fashion and Luxurious Living.


Elegance Redefined

Everyday fashion choices with elegant yet comfortable day and night wear from Hers.


Party and Casual Kidswear

Fashion meets playfulness for your little trendsetters. Discover our range of pretty party dresses, bespoke hand smoked pieces and comfortable casual wear. 

Hers at Home

Home Linen for the discerning woman

A collection of beautifully embroidered table and bath linen transforming everyday essentials into luxurious statement pieces


Teaching and Nursery

Montessori Teachers Training

Internationally Acclaimed Montessori Teacher Programs: AMI Accreditation Sets the Standard

In the realm of primary teacher training, RTI’s Montessori Teacher’s Training programs stand out with accreditation from the prestigious Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the sole organization founded by Dr. Montessori herself. This accreditation not only reflects our commitment to excellence but also positions our graduates as sought-after professionals worldwide. The global demand for AMI-trained teachers is a testament to the enduring quality and impact of our programs on the education landscape.

Montessori School

Preparing children to learn confidently, think independently, and succeed where ever they go. Montessori school 

Step into an early-grade classroom at a RTI Montessori school, and you will likely observe children of varying ages freely engaging in exploration and conversation. The environment encourages them to explore a diverse range of activities, each contributing to their learning and development. These activities are designed to foster independent learning, allowing children the freedom to navigate without rigid instructions on precisely what to do and when.