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Montessori Teachers Training

Embark on a fulfilling journey to broaden your knowledge or initiate a rewarding career working with children. Enrol in our outstanding and cost-effective AMI Montessori Teacher Training Diploma Course, designed to provide you with exceptional skills and insights to work with children of the 0 to 3 and the 3 to 6 age level.


Batches for Academic Year 2024-25 Starting Soon!

Montessori School

Our philosophy centres on the belief that young children possess innate capacities for wonder, awe, and imagination. Recognizing early childhood as a profoundly rich developmental stage, we emphasize the importance of allowing this period to unfold naturally rather than being rushed through.


Upon completing their Primary education, children emerge as poised, proud, and compassionate leaders for their younger peers. They not only develop the ability to think independently but also approach learning with a sense of joy. They acquire the valuable skill of self-regulating their emotions and contributing to social harmony within the learning environment.